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Mauricio Ochmann: We live so quickly that we neglect the people we love

“Ya Veremos”, a comedy with an emotional message for the family audience, marks the return of the Mexican-American actor Mauricio Ochmann, who assured Efe that the constant rush and obsession with insignificant aspects of everyday life make one arrive to forget the most valuable.

“I found it important when I read it (the script), I saw it was very nice and as ‘ad hoc’ at the time, since we are living in a moment where we are so fast and so immersed in fulfilling our professional or personal goals that we neglect to the beings that we really love and that are really important, “Ochmann said in a telephone interview.

“And that’s a bit of what the movie is about: do not wait for something tragic to happen to turn to see the beings you love,” he added.

Ochmann, who was born in 1977 in Washington but grew up in Mexico, heads the cast of “Ya Veremos”, a film that arrives this week to US cinemas, after his good performance on Mexican screens, and in which Fernanda Castillo is the protagonist.

Under the direction of Pitipol Ybarra (“A la mala”, 2015), “We’ll see” focuses on Santi (Emiliano Aramayo), a child diagnosed with a problem in his eyes that could blind him in a matter of weeks.

Faced with this fearful possibility, Santi makes a list of all the things he wants to experience before going through the operating room and that, without possible debate, he wants to do with his father Rodrigo (Ochmann) and his mother Alejandra (Castillo), who are separated .

Ochmann, who is also the producer of the film, indicated that it is a comedy that, “between laughter and some other tears,” is “endearing and steals your heart.”

The artist said that, in a scenario dominated by Hollywood blockbusters, there are fewer and fewer proposals aimed at the family audience.

“I feel that this part of being one hundred percent for the whole family, that can be enjoyed from children to adults and grandparents, and that really brings these family values, makes it easy to identify and empathize because all the theme is very universal, “he argued.

The actor is the father of two girls: Lorenza, fourteen years old, fruit of his relationship with María José del Valle; and Kailani, who was born in February and whose mother is the actress Aislinn Derbez, wife of Ochmann and daughter, in turn, of Eugenio Derbez.

“As a human being, each daughter helps me grow more and become aware of more things,” Ochmann said.

“And, for a few years now, I lost my hurry, I live up to date and I enjoy the process more than looking for the result of things, so if they tell me that I have a week or a month to live, I am made with being with my wife, with my two daughters and in nature, “he said.

In very affectionate terms he also referred to Fernanda Castillo and Emiliano “Nano” Aramayo, his family in “Ya veremos”.

“It was really fun, we really played a lot on and off the set (…) and ‘Nano’ is an exemplary and wonderful child (…) In fact, it came to us to teach civics and reeducate ourselves to say less swear words and he charged us money every time we said a bad word, “he recalled with laughter.

“We all pay a lot, a bad business, even he fell …!” He added.

Equally praiseworthy was when talking about Castillo: “Fer is an actress that I admire, love and respect very much, not only as an actress but as a person”.

Transferred frame where the actor Mauricio Ochmann appears as Rodrigo and the child Emiliano Aramayo as Santi, during a scene of the family comedy “Ya Veremos”, a film that arrives this week to theaters in the United States, after its good performance on the screens mexican EFE / Pantelion Films.

Finally, Ochmann spoke about how it is to work with his wife, who is also a producer of “Ya veremos”.

“It is a delight to collaborate with my wife, she is tremendously talented, intelligent, passionate, and has a professional eye that is very good (…) It is very easy to be partners, not only in life but also in the production company as partners”, he explained.

“The only thing is that sometimes it’s like: ‘Well, now, my love, it was already, now I want to sleep with my wife, not my partner’,” he ironized.

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