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Six iconic lifeguard booths off Miami Beach

Six of the iconic and colorful lifeguard stands located along the famous beach of Miami Beach have gone on auction online, with starting prices ranging from 200 to 400 dollars, according to the auctioneer.

The auction, which will accept bids until next August 28, is an opportunity for beach lovers and the “vintage” objects that characterize the city of Miami Beach to be taken to the garden of your home or any other place these colorful stalls of lifeguards on the beach front.

The city of Miami Beach has decided to replace these 80’s wooden houses eroded by saline air and climate by others that are more resistant, made of aluminum and with impact-proof glass.

“Vintage” huts that, depending on the creativity and interests of the buyer, can become shelters in the trees for the little ones, a patio bar or even the house for the house pet.

Of course, buyers will have to take care of the collection and transport of these old wooden structures, some of them quite deteriorated.

The number 146 wooden lifeguard booth, located at 1001 Ocean Drive, is, according to the auction house The Public Group, in “very good condition, both its exterior appearance and its structure” and has received an offer of purchase of 250 dollars.

Number 113, located on 13th Street, exhibits its colorful and patriotic set of white, blue and red stripes and stars that evoke the US flag. The offers already reach 350 dollars.

Another wooden hut entirely painted blue and decorated with surfboards is in worse condition and, although the starting price is $ 350, the purchase offers are at one hundred dollars.

The city of Miami Beach is famous for its beach, its Art Deco architecture and the numerous entertainment venues that dot its streets.

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