Candidate to Congress Florida apologizes for false university degree


Melissa Howard, who aspires to be elected Republican candidate to Congress, admitted to lying about her university degree and apologized for displaying a false diploma in a photo, local media reported today.

“I did not intend to deceive anyone, I made a mistake in saying that I had completed my career, what I did was wrong and it is a bad example for someone who aspires to public service,” Howard said in a statement, according to the local channel. 10 News.

However, Howard said he will remain in the Republican primary race on August 28 for his district, which includes parts of the counties of Sarasota and Manatee, on the west coast of Florida.

The fraud jumped to the media last week when political news website FLA News Online pointed out that Howard had not graduated from Miami University in Ohio, as she maintained on his website.

The campaign of the republican tried to refute this information and counterattacked calling “false news” or hoaxes to the published thing in the mentioned means. To the point that Howard flew to Ohio and uploaded a photo to social networks where he poses with what appears to be a diploma issued by Miami University.
But then inconsistencies arose.

According to the title or diploma, Howard graduated from a career that does not exist at Miami University in Ohio. The Faculty offers a degree in Business, but not in Marketing.

The photograph also includes the signature of Robert Johnson, who was not dean of the School of Business.

The general advisor of the Miami University, Robin Parker, later confirmed to the FLA News that Howard studied at this university, but never graduated.

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