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Demi Lovato enter rehabilitation as soon as she leaves the hospital

The singer Demi Lovato, who was hospitalized on July 24 for an alleged overdose, will enter rehabilitation as soon as she receives the medical discharge, specialized media reported today.

The artist, who still remains in the Cedars-Sinai medical center in Los Angeles (California), will finally follow that path after some objections raised within her own family, says the TMZ website, which cites sources with direct knowledge of the situation.

For now the place where the singer will carry out rehabilitation treatment to alleviate her addiction to alcohol and drugs is unknown.

“Demi is well enough to leave the hospital this weekend,” a source told People magazine.

“He has agreed to enter a rehabilitation center and will go there directly, that is his decision, it is not something that nobody has forced him to do,” he added.

According to that source, the 25-year-old, famous for successes like “Sorry, Not Sorry”, understands the seriousness of her overdose and admits that the recovery process is very complicated.

“She wants to be sober, she wants help, she understands that it will take a lot of work and commitment to stay healthy, but it is what she wants,” the source said.

After an emergency call, Lovato was treated with Narcan, a drug used in cases of overdose of narcotics, in her own home in Hollywood Hills. The artist had been celebrating the birthday of one of her friends.

In October of last year, the artist told Efe that in her life she had carried out “many behaviors harmful to health”.

In fact, in 2012 he spent several months living in a detoxification center in Los Angeles.

“The main problem is that I suffered a lot from mental illnesses for which I was not receiving treatment,” said the artist, born in Albuquerque (New Mexico), who has never had deals in talking about her eating disorders and bipolar disorder.

“When you’re stuck in a situation like this, where you do not know how to ask for help, it’s easy to fall into that black hole, I was there and I was about to give up,” he said, recognizing that he even thought of the suicide.

In June, Lovato revealed in one of her songs that she had returned to her old ways with alcohol.

“Mom, I’m sorry I’m not sober anymore, and dad, please, forgive the drinks on the floor,” the artist wrote in her ballad “Sober.”

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