Bill Clinton publishes his first novel: “The president has disappeared”


If a few days ago the Obama surprised by his famous signing for Netflix, now it is the former US President Bill Clinton who opens in the field of fiction with his first novel: “The president has disappeared.”

Written in four hands with best-selling author James Patterson, it deals, as its title suggests, with the disappearance of US President, Jonathan Lincoln Duncan, in the middle of a very serious world crisis.

Could a US president end up as unknown as it is in the novel? “Yes I could, but not for long, because the Secret Services are there to keep you alive,” Clinton said today during the presentation of the novel at the BookCon festival in New York.

Clinton said that the protagonist is not inspired by himself because “he is much younger” and not in Donald Trump, since that president is not missing: “He reminds us every morning when a new tweet appears.”

The Spanish translation of the novel will arrive on Tuesday at bookstores in Spain and Latin America by the publisher Planeta, and a day later the Catalan version edited by Column Edicions will be published.

Patterson and Clinton exchanged drafts of the novel written “in pencil”, since the former president, unlike his wife, does not use email.

Asked by his wife, he assured that Hillary Clinton “is having a fantastic year, mobilizing young people and showing them a level of activism that they had not discovered before”, in reference to the work that the ex-secretary of State carries out in Onward Together, the organization policy that he founded in 2017 after the presidential elections.

Clinton’s first novel (in 2004 he wrote his biography, “My Life”) will soon land on the small screen, and that is that Showtime has taken over the rights to turn it into a high voltage series now that “House of Cards” arrives to its end.

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