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Telemundo edited scenes from the Luis Miguel series by federal regulations

The Telemundo chain alluded to regulations of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC, in English) as the reasons why scenes have been eliminated in the production “Luis Miguel, the series” for broadcast in the country.

“The companies of open television are regulated by the FCC”, indicated the chain in an official declaration sent to Efe, in which it adds that this federal entity “prohibits the emission of obscene, indecent and profane content”.

Thus, for the US release of this series starring Mexican Diego Boneta producers have removed scenes with sexual content, as the first relationship that has the singer and was part of the first chapter, and were not eliminated in the version issued by the Netflix platform in Latin America and Spain.

The same happens in the case of the scenes that show characters consuming drugs, as is the case of Luisito Rey, the father of Luis Miguel, a role played by the Spanish actor Oscar Jaenada.

“It was something that was taken into account from the beginning by the regulation on the material that can be transmitted in the United States, and that does not apply to Netflix,” acknowledged sources of production Efe.

It is expected that the differences between the two broadcasts will continue in the following episodes, in which the career of Luis Miguel as a child and as a young adult will be explored in parallel.

The series, written with the collaboration of the so-called Sol de México and which will have a total of 13 episodes, narrates the life of Luis Miguel from his childhood until he became an icon of music.

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