The Congress honors the Dominican politician José Francisco Peña Gómez

The House of Representatives honored the Dominican politician José Francisco Peña Gómez posthumously yesterday in the presence of that country’s foreign minister and president of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), Miguel Vargas, the widow of Peña Gómez, Peggy Cabral, and other members of that country. match.

The tribute, promoted by the Democratic Congressman of Dominican origin Adrián Espaillat, evoked the work of the political leader, who died 20 years ago, in the plenary session of the Lower Chamber, in Washington, where a minute of silence was kept in his memory.

“Peña Gómez loved Dominicans abroad, he considered them slaughtered men and women who thought of their families, and that is why he thought of them in difficult times,” explained his widow at a previous lunch, where the work of Peña Gómez was recalled. among many anecdotes.

Cabral insisted that her husband “admired” Dominican immigrants in the United States, and valued yesterday’s tribute for the importance of the role of the Dominican community in his life, which became “his own family” when he was convalescing. his illness in New York.

The delegation was completed by Rafael Vásquez, national secretary of organization of the PRD; Tony Peña Guaba, secretary general and Abril Peña, these last two sons of the distinguished Dominican politician.

Peña Gómez (1937-1998), was leader of the PRD, world vice president of the Socialist International (IS) and president of that organization for Latin America and the Caribbean.

He was also at the top of the Confederation of Political Parties for Latin America (Coppal) and the Inter-American Dialogue, among other organizations.


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