Google says it will identify the digital assistant by telephone in the face of controversy

After the controversy generated this week by the digital assistant of Google, which will have in the future capacity to talk on the phone with people, the technology company has ensured that it will “properly” identify the machine, specialized media reported today.

As reported by CNN today, Google is working on the design of this technology to incorporate a way to reveal that it is artificial intelligence and not a human. “We will make sure that the system is properly identified,” the firm said.

On Tuesday, at the opening of the Google developer conference, its CEO, Sundar Pichai, launched a demonstration in which the digital assistant was able to call by phone to book an appointment in a hairdressing salon, which caused amazement and fear among many.

Thanks to an experimental function called Duplex, the assistant, with a feminine and natural voice, had a conversation with a “real” person despite the fact that there were unexpected responses, and even made habitual pauses and sounds in colloquial speech.

Developer Chris Messina, a former employee of Google and considered inventor of the “hashtag”, was one of the first to pronounce himself by calling the technology “incredible and terrifying” through his Twitter account.

“The speech synthesis of Google, with six new voices, will make it increasingly difficult to detect if the entities calling you are human or not,” he warned.

In the corporate blog they use, Google’s artificial intelligence developers explained the operation of Duplex, where they considered “key” transparency and “be clear about the purpose of the call so that businesses understand the context.”

“This summer we will start testing Duplex technology in Google Assistant to help users make reservations at restaurants, make an appointment at the hairdresser or know the schedules and holidays (business) by phone,” they wrote.


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