Trump says immigration laws were written by people who “do not love” the US

President Donald Trump said today that US immigration laws were written by “people who really can not love” the country, and reiterated the need to end illegal immigration.

“We have laws written by people who really can not love our country,” Trump said in Dallas when addressing the annual congress of the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA).

The billionaire insisted that US immigration laws are “the worst” and reiterated his promise to “start defending” the country and its borders.

“Illegal immigration must end, we have exhausted all the laws,” insisted the magnate, who however has not been able to start one of his biggest campaign promises, the creation of a wall on the southern border, paid by the Government of Mexico.

Trump insisted that the US immigration system must be based on merit and ensured that immigrants can not be “picked from a garbage bin” to enter the country.

The president again argued that illegal immigration is the path taken by many criminals, such as the “violent” members of the MS-13 gang, so he considered it necessary to strengthen the legislation to prevent this flow from continuing.

The control of immigration, deportations and the strengthening of security on the southern border are part of the discursive core of the president, who intends to implement more coercive measures to reduce the number of immigrants in the country.

Because in addition to attacking illegal immigrants, the President’s Government is also ending legal immigration programs, such as the Temporary Protected Status (TPS), aimed at citizens of countries that have suffered some catastrophe.

Just today, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that it has decided to end the TPS for Hondurans, which will affect some 55,000 people who have lived in the United States for years.


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