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“Luis Miguel, history”, complete review of a life of chiaroscuro of the Sun

The disappearance of his mother, the relationship with his father, Luisito Rey, and his high levels of fame mixed in a life marked by pain feed “Luis Miguel, history”, a journalistic essay by Javier León Herrera that reviews the life of the “Sol” from Mexico and provides juicy details.

“It’s a pretty dense story, not exactly a path of roses, to become what (Luis Miguel) is today in Latin America,” the author said in an interview with Efe.

In this book, León Herrera recovers the story he told in “Luis, my king”, published in 1997, but this time he writes it not as a novel, but as a journalistic essay in which he describes passages from the life of Luis Miguel and recounts in the first person the documentation process carried out years ago.

In this way, he explains encounters with sources “very inaccessible” and strange events, such as the one he had with Mario Gallego, one of the uncles of the singer born in Puerto Rico but nationalized Mexican.

“Did you come to kill me?” Luis Miguel’s uncle told Leon Herrera when they were in a hotel in Cádiz (Spain).

With these anecdotes and other situations, the work reviews the family of Luis Miguel from before even his birth, going through a childhood and adolescence marked by the figure of his father, the Spanish singer Luisito Rey.

Luis Miguel has a family history “darker than oil” and this, at a certain point, made his professional success “jeopardize”, explained this writer born in Alicante (Spain) and author of other biographies such as “Adiós eterno”, which narrates details of the life of Juan Gabriel, who died in 2016.

The mystery of the disappearance of his mother, Marcela Basteri, in 1986, has probably been the most bitter drink in the career of Luis Miguel, who has sold more than 100 million albums.

Juan Manuel Navarro, collaborator in the novel “Luis Miguel, history”, remembers for Efe the strange disappearance of the woman, when he was going to sign some papers in Spain at the request of Luisito Rey, who was separated after hard fights and infidelities.

“The Italian family spent 10 years looking for Marcela, but they never knew where it is,” said Navarro, who pointed out that Marcela’s close friends always believed that Luisito Rey killed her, but “they have no evidence.”

The legend of the divo, full of chiaroscuro, also reviews his last days, marked by legal problems and voice that presaged a black outcome for the singer. However, at the end of last year he returned with a new studio album, ¡México por siempre !.

Torn this stage, is currently on a world tour that will take you through Mexico, the United States and Spain, among other countries.

For the last part of the book, the most current one, León Herrera talked especially with Navarro, who has been able to interview the successful singer up to four times.

“You can see that he has a totally different energy, I think that all this will be good for him, facing the darkest of his history, both in the audiovisual format and in the book,” the Spanish writer praised.

And is that Luis Miguel, who this April 19 turns 48 years, is lately on everyone’s lips.

Telemundo and Netflix are about to release “Luis Miguel La Serie”, which will seek to show the other side of the star and make it human for the spectators. In this television production, both León Herrera and Navarro were advisors.

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