A bad run prevents bullfighters from showing off at Feria de Aguascalientes

The Spaniard Paco Ureña and the Mexicans Arturo Saldívar and Leo Valadez could not shine before the conditions of the copies of Xajay the bullfight held today at the San Marcos Fair in Aguascalientes, central Mexico.

Seven bulls, one gift, which were a decal in their fighting conditions, justitos of presence, without race, lackluster, without greed to go to the deceptions and without even giving three thrusts to be able to link the muletazos.

Ureña, bullfighter who has a place, technique and works well with the bull, made an effort with the two but they were only work sketches because the bulls did not allow anything else.

At the first of his lot I bullied him well at times but he killed him badly and everything was silent; in the second there were moments when he managed to tie two series but concluded with a puncture and low thrust to salute in the third.

Saldivar also had no cloth to cut. In his first he wore with site and with desires but those of Xajay sinned of lackluster and of little collaborators for the bullfighters.

The fifth bull, second of his lot, was the same as his brothers out of the blue and without greed. Saldivar killed soon and there was silence.

Then gave a seventh who cared too much and achieved the most tied series of the afternoon but unable to combine them by the sosería of the cattle. He killed several attempts and listened to palmites.

Valadez could not have the desired triumph and with the second of his series he had moments of quality that were lost because there was no continuation. He ended up killing with a lunge and heard applause.


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