The Governor of Puerto Rico publishes his income tax return

The governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello, today released through social networks his income statement, whose deadline for filing today, and which reflects a gross profit of $ 81,733.

Through his official account on the social network twitter, the governor posted a copy of his joint declaration (payroll) for 2017 with his wife Beatriz, which shows that it was presented yesterday.

Today, the deadline for filing the returns on the island was over, but the date has been extended after the technical problems in the electronic system will be detected.

It also reflects that he received $ 70,000 from his work as governor of Puerto Rico and recorded capital gains of 11,547 for a sale of real estate.

The couple claimed a contribution paid in excess of 9,554, amount that they have requested in the return that is accredited, by 50 percent, to the estimated contribution to next year.


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