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Steven Spielberg goes to the world of superheroes with “Blackhawk”

Steven Spielberg will enter the universe of DC Comics movies with the film adaptation of “Blackhawk”, an action and adventure film during World War II, reported today by The Hollywood Reporter.

Spielberg, who plans to direct the film, will produce this project through his company Amblin Entertainment and with the support of Warner Bros., the studio with which he has just launched “Ready Player One”, which has brought in almost 500 million dollars in all the world.

“It has been wonderful to work with the Warner Bros. team when it comes to bringing ‘Ready Player One’ to the big screen,” the filmmaker said. “I’m excited to meet them in ‘Blackhawk,'” he added.

The screenwriter of the film will be David Koepp, with whom Spielberg has previously collaborated on “Jurassic Park”, “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”, “War of the Worlds” and “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”.

“Blackhawk” will tell the story of an international squad of pilots led by a man named Blackhawk, who fought the Nazis in World War II.

The comic, one of the most sold in the 1940s, first saw the light in 1941 under the label Quality Comics before DC acquired the company in 1956. Its creators were Will Eisner, Bob Powell and Chuck Cuidera.

The next Spielberg project, however, will be the fifth installment of Indiana Jones, which will be shot next year. It also has a new version of the musical “West Side Story” in its portfolio. efe

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