Unemployment in developed countries remained stable in February

The unemployment rate in developed countries remained stable in February, when 34.2 million people were unemployed, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said today.

The unemployment rate in the OECD countries remained at 5.4% of the active population, despite having 1.5 million more unemployed than in January, although 14.9 million less than the maximum marked in January of 2013.

In the euro zone, the unemployment rate stood at 8.5%, one tenth less than in the previous month, with significant declines in Latvia (0.3 points to 8%) and Italy (0.2 points to 10.9%)

In Spain, the unemployment rate fell by one tenth to reach 16.1%.
It also declined one tenth in Canada (5.8%), remained stable in South Korea (3.6%) and Mexico (3.3%) and rose one tenth in Japan (2.5%).

Youth unemployment grew slightly in the OECD as a whole, where it was 11.3%, one tenth higher than in January, and in the eurozone it remained at 17.7%.

In Spain, youth unemployment fell by 4 decimals to 35.5%, the second highest drop after Latvia (1.1 points to 16.5%). efe


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