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The Major Leagues will take London to a Yankees-Red Sox duel in 2019

The internationalization of the professional baseball sport of the Major Leagues also wants to reach Europe and more specifically to London with a duel that can play the historical rivals of the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

The goal is for the game to take place next year and the scenario would be the Olympic Stadium in London, according to several US newspaper reports citing sources close to the Major Leagues.

The dates that are being considered would be between June 29 and 30, a week before the traditional All-Star Game arrives, which marks in some way the end of the first half of the competition of the regular season in the majors.

Although the office of the commissioner of the Great Leagues, Rob Manfred, did not want to make any comment on the journalistic reports, if it remembered the “interest” of the professional baseball to make known throughout the world.

The teams have already been informed of the plans and they are still studying all aspects of possible duel with the Red Sox that would have the condition of playing as locals.

It is expected that when all aspects of the grieving are finalized, the announcement will be made officially by the commissioner’s office.

Before knowing the plans of the duel between Yankees and Red Sox, the authorities of the baseball of the Big Leagues had declared to realize games in London and last year they opted for the Olympic Stadium, that is in its second season like house of the West Ham of the Premier of football in England.

Because it was originally built for a 400-meter track, it is wider than other stadiums in the London area and can better accommodate the dimensions of a baseball field.

In addition, the dates chosen by the Major Leagues, the end of June, the league competition in Primier has already concluded and the facilities will not be used again until the athletics competitions take place.

Although the Major Leagues have no plans to publicize any details about the match officially, if it has been known that they can do so when they have already completed at least two months of competition for the new season that will begin within 10 days.

It has also been known, according to newspaper reports, that each player of the two teams participating in the two-match series will receive $ 60,000 in salary according to the collective contract that is currently in force.

The Major Leagues already have for this season the programming of regular season games in Puerto Rico and Monterrey (Mexico).

Precisely, the Major Leagues began the competition outside of the United States, in 1996 when they traveled to the northern city of Monterrey, where the duel between the Colorado Rockies against the Padres of San Diego, both National League teams, was disputed. .

Then came to the competition in Tokyo, in the 2000 season, which played at the Tokyo Dome Chicago Cubs against the New York Mets, also teams belonging to the Old Circuit.

In 2001 the Major Leagues went to San Juan (Puerto Rico) with the games that led the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers.

The seasons of 2003 and 2004, the then Expos of Montreal played 43 games in Puerto Rico, and in 2010 there was a series of three games that starred the New York Mets and the Florida Marlins.

The 2004 season was also played abroad when they faced the Tampa Bay Rays and the American League Yankees again in the Tokyo Dome.
The competition at the Tokyo Dome continued in the 2008 season with the duel between the Red Sox and the Oakland Athletics, while in the 2012 the Seattle Mariners played against the Oakland Athletics.

After the experiences of Monterrey, Puerto Rico and Tokyo, the next international major league baseball market was that of Australia, where, in another Olympic venue, Sydney, hosted, in 2014, the duel that starred the Los Angeles Dodgers in front of the Arizona Diamondbacks, both teams of the National League.

The collective bargaining agreement had a clause for an inaugural series in Tokyo in 2019, which will be maintained, in addition to making the debut of the biggest baseball in Europe and more specifically in London, where in 2012 it could not be as an Olympic sport . efe

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