Protest in San Francisco for death of Hispanic at the hands of the police

More than a hundred activists, supporters and relatives held a protest today in San Francisco over the death of an undocumented Latino youth because of numerous police shots.

Jesus Adolfo Delgado, aged 19 and deceased on March 6, joins another half dozen Latinos who have died in clashes with authorities in this Californian city, however, is characterized by its policy of open doors and “sanctuary” for undocumented people.

Calling it “another San Francisco police crime,” Frank Lara, one of the organizers of the protest and the press conference that took place today, listed the names of other young people who have recently died in clashes with the police. from the city.

“This reminds us of the murders of Alex Nieto, Amílcar Pérez López, Luis Góngora, Mario Woods, Jessica Williams, and the list goes on,” Lara said at the press conference held at the César Chávez Elementary School in the sector of Mission, in San Francisco.

“They did not have to shoot him so many times,” lamented Alba Espinoza, a young woman who knew Delgado and a friend of the family whom she described as “good people.”

Jesús Yáñez, from Peace Collaborative, assured that the young man, suspected of a robbery, hid in the trunk of the car when he fled the authorities, because “he did not want to be deported, he was afraid of being deported”.

The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) reported that it found a gun in the trunk of the car where Delgado died.

A video posted on the internet broadcasted by CBS shows when an officer gave orders for a loudspeaker in Spanish asking the young man to show “the other hand, the left hand”.

Then a shot is heard and then many more shots. One witness testified that the police gave the suspect “5 to 10 minutes” to surrender and that he fired first, although the police have not confirmed the version and announced an official report in the next few days.

Tracy Brown, a community activist with Mission, does not justify that a suspicion of theft allows the police to “shoot an avalanche of more than 30 bullets” against a person locked in the trunk of a car.

“We will not remain silent while another Latino youth is murdered in cold blood by the racist violence of the police,” the activist warned.

Participants in today’s demonstration called for “justice for Adolfo Delgado,” carrying posters with a photo of the Hispanic who had graduated from high school and worked in a store.

The protesters also demanded that District Attorney George Gascón “respond for these deaths” and that “the impunity and racism that prevails in SFPD be brought to an end”. (efeusa)


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