The unemployment rate in the OECD remained stable at 5.5 percent in January

The unemployment rate in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as a whole remained stable at 5.5% of the active population, with 35.49 million people seeking employment.

In a statement published today, the OECD noted that this means that in the first month of the year there were still 1.9 million more unemployed in the 27 member countries than in April 2008, before the effects of the crisis were felt. financial

In January, unemployment fell especially, in relative terms, in Slovenia (three tenths to 5.9%, Israel (three tenths to 3.7%), Japan (three tenths to 2.4%) and Holland (two tenths) to 4.2%).

In the euro zone, the unemployment rate stood at 8.6%, unchanged from December.

There were declines of one tenth in several European countries such as Spain (to 16.3%), Finland (to 8.5%), Denmark (to 5.2%), Ireland (to 6.1%) or in Portugal (to 7.9%), but also outside the Old Continent in Mexico (to 3.3%) or in South Korea (to 3.6%).

Several of the major states of the organization repeated the statistics for December: the United States (4.1%), Germany (3.6%) and France (9%). Also in the euro area (8.6%) and in the European Union as a whole (8.6%).

In a few countries, there was an increase in the proportion of unemployed, in particular in Italy (from two tenths to 11.1%) and in Canada (from one tenth to 5.9%).

The country with the highest unemployment rate of the OECD, by far, is Greece (10.9% in November, the latest data available), followed by Spain (16.3% in January), Italy (11.1% in January) and Turkey (10.3% in November).

By number of people without employment, the first place is occupied by the United States (6,684 million unemployed) and then come Spain (3,705 million), Italy (2,882 million), France (2,676 million), Japan (1,6 million) and Germany. (1,547 million).


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