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Filmmaker attributes many victims to police slowness in nightclub Pulse

The New York filmmaker Charlie Minn attributed today to the slowness of the police reaction many of the 49 fatalities left by the shooting in June 2016 at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando (Florida).

“His delay led thirteen innocent people to bleed to death in the bathroom,” the producer and director of the documentary “49 Pulses” told Efe, in which he analyzes the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando and which opens today at a cinema. of El Paso (Texas).

Minn said he made this film to invite reflection on the massive shootings that are periodically recorded in public places in the country, and said that it also pays tribute to the 49 dead in that massacre, which occurred on June 12, 2016 in that nightclub. gay scene of Orlando.

“The film is designed to represent all the innocent lives of this brutal massacre in Orlando,” the director said.

To make the film, which lasts an hour and a half, the filmmaker sought the testimonies of up to 25 survivors of the attack, who tell how they recover during their daily lives from the emotional shock that led to the killing, the second worst recorded in the country’s recent history .

He said that the United States has gone in the wrong direction with regard to massive attacks with firearms.

Since the events in the nightclub of Orlando have been three more massive shootings that have left 102 dead.

Last week, also in Florida, Nicolás Cruz, a 19-year-old boy, killed 17 people with a semiautomatic AR-15 rifle at a high school in the city of Parkland.

“Obviously, the killer is the biggest culprit: the gun, the NRA (National Rifle Association), mental illness, weapons-free zones, weak security, etc. are other factors, I do not see a viable solution. open goals in America, it’s extremely sad, “he said.

In order to focus on the victims, the director avoided mentioning in the documentary the material author of the attack, the young Omar Mateen, shot dead in the nightclub, that night celebrated a Latin party and for that reason many of the victims were Puerto Ricans

To his credit as director, Minn has productions such as “43”, about the disappearance of 43 students in Guerrero (Mexico), in 2014 and “8 Murders a day”, about the daily murders that occurred in Ciudad Juárez during the “War on drugs”.

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