McGregor says his “son” Mayweather prefers retreat to face him

Irish martial arts fighter Conor McGregor said today that his “son”, in reference to American boxer Floyd Mayweather, abandoned negotiations for a rematch.

“I’m proud that my son (Mayewather) chooses to stay in retirement,” McGregor said mockingly after the American left the talks to face him again.

Both fought in August of 2017 in a fight that generated all kinds of criticism from boxing experts, promoters, fighters and fans, who considered it a mockery and a sign that they were facing only doing business.

Mayweather (50-0, 27 KOs) defeated McGregor in 10 rounds, in the latter’s debut in professional boxing fights after developing his mixed martial arts career in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

McGregor commented on Instagram that he is “happy for Floyd and his recent announcement that he is out of negotiations for a rematch, which is why I never wanted the rematch.

He added that “my game is implacable, it’s not like other games, that’s why I understand that he will stay in the retreat, now I will continue in my negotiations as a professional and I will see where he is going, to whom I wish the best in his retirement.”

Mayweather Junior was seen last Sunday at the celebration of the 67th edition of the All-Star Weekend that was held in Los Angeles.

Although McGregor says he is ready to return to his main sport, he may find himself without a belt, as interim champion Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov will meet for the lightweight crown on the next evening of UFC 223.


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