Waitress is fired for complaining on Facebook of customers who did not tip

A waitress at a popular restaurant in Palm Beach County (southeast Florida) was fired for complaining on her Facebook account of not receiving a tip after serving a take-out meal order for $ 735, local media reported on Tuesday.

The incident occurred last Wednesday, when Tamlynn Yoder, 25 years old and waitress of the Outback Steakhouse restaurant, was in charge of serving a take-out order of 25 beef steaks, 25 orders of chicken and potatoes and moved it to the customer’s car, a member of the Christ Fellowship Church.

That same day, Yoder posted comments on his Facebook account that showed his anger at not receiving any tips from the customer who happened to pick up the order, without mentioning the name of the restaurant.

The young woman wrote in the social network in frustration that, because she had to spend a good part of her time in packing the food order for 75 people, she could only make 18 dollars a day in orders, and had I neglect several tables.

“The tip is how we make money, because as waiters we have a low salary,” said Yoder.

But the next day, after presenting her shift at the restaurant, the young woman was met with the unpleasant surprise that the manager told him that the company had reimbursed the full 735 dollars to the client and that she was fired.

A spokesperson for the company told The Palm Beach Post that the company’s policy prohibits employees from uploading comments about customers to social networks, which may be grounds for dismissal.

Christ Fellowship Church, meanwhile, told the newspaper that he wanted to tip the waitress and did not want to take any punishment action against her.

The good news for Yoder is that an Italian businessman based in Rome who listened to the case on the radio decided to pay $ 300 dollars out of his own pocket to compensate Yoder for the professional damage caused. (efeusa)

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