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UNICARIBE COLLEGE presents academic offers in FL: Make Open House

The educational institution is aimed at Hispanics residing in Florida and has the modern platform known as Blackboard in addition to the implementation of the semi-face model

Miami Florida. – The academic offer of UNICARIBE COLLEGE was announced during an Open House that included the participation of young people and adults interested in their professional development in various areas of knowledge, where they also announced the opening of the inscriptions for the Certificate Course in Political Science offered in this entity.

In the meeting held at its headquarters more details about the diversity of their careers were known, highlighting the new blended system that allows students the flexibility to work while learning, using modern Blackboard platforms. The entity is an appendix of UNICARIBE in the Dominican Republic with over 20 years of training successful leaders and professionals whose trajectory has an international impact.

It was led by teachers Clara Tapia, vice rector of extension, Santiago Nuñez, director of registration and Teresita Garcia, advisor to the institution, Yent Fatule, assistant to the President, as well as the faculty.

UNICARIBE COLLEGE offers a degree in Business Administration, Journalism and Communication, Marketing and Hospitality, as well as extracurricular courses in Public Speaking, Financial Statements, Preparation of Income Tax and the Certificate in Political Sciences that lasts 10 months.

The director of Communications, journalist Rose Mary Santana, offered words of welcome on behalf of the Master José Alejandro Aybar Martín, president-founder and Dr. Ariadna Aybar Martín, president of the College and other authorities, emphasizing that “the event was a reason of satisfaction for all in the family of UNICARIBE COLLEGE, whose doors are open to welcome all Latin American brothers who are interested in improving their professional level. ”

The presence of the renowned political scientist Kennedy Bolivar, lawyer and former president of the Trade Union of Workers of the Justice Administration in Venezuela, the Dominican-American athlete, Euniel Fortunato, Deyanira Fortunato and his father José Fortunato, as well as the former director of the School was highlighted of Communication of the Central University of Venezuela, journalist Eduardo Orozco and his colleague of the National College of Journalists of Venezuela, Lisbeth Cambra, among other participants.

Clara Tapia and the teacher Camilo Zambrano emphasized “the importance and necessity according to modern times of people being trained through the Certificate Course in Political Science. Among the objectives of the institution is to increase the standard of living of Hispanic immigrants with accessible and quality programs in their language and that can then be combined with teaching English, “they indicated.

Professor Belsay Hennig in her words of motivation, said that “justice, responsibility, knowledge, technology are synonymous with UNICARIBE COLLEGE. It is very necessary to prepare anew with a correct attitude in a new country, “he added, referring to the willingness of the entity to receive immigrants from all Latin American countries that arrive in Miami.

Certificate in Political Science

Those interested in enrolling in this accelerated study program in which one subject is developed per month for 10 months and comprehensive training is achieved in this area of ??such importance nowadays, can call (305) 858-7373. UNICARIBE COLLEGE, is located at 1901 Brickell Ave, Suite B-204 and marked with zip code 33129.

At the end of the meeting where these educational programs were presented, student journalist Jesus M. Rojas and the Naples community leader, Cosme E. Pérez, expressed to all attendees their experiences in the Certificate Course in Political Science.

“According to what we have been able to learn, we believe it necessary that all Hispanics interested in acquiring greater knowledge to be a social entity of help in their nations, must enroll in this Course, which already concludes satisfactorily for all of us and thanking the excellent teachers who have been punctual to increase our knowledge “, as they pointed out.

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