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The movie “COLAO” arrives this week to Miami, Orlando and other cities in Florida

The Dominican film with the greatest international reach with 500,000 ticket offices sold, starting on Thursday, February 9, 2018.

MIAMI, FLORIDA.- This week, Frank Perozo’s first feature film comes to Miami and other cities in Florida, under the international distribution of Spanglish Movies: COLAO, a film that has broken schemes in terms of its international trajectory, box office success but Once valued by critics, it currently has 3 nominations for Soberano awards, and 4 pre-nominations in Platinum Prizes of Ibero-American cinema.

Colao has the participation of Raymond Pozo, Miguel Céspedes, Manny Pérez and Nashla Bogaert in the leading roles. Likewise, it has the participation of Shaylin Sosa, Celinés Toribio, Anthony Álvarez, Ana María Arias, and the urban singer Arcángel, among others.

At the press conference in Miami, the protagonist Manny Pérez will be present as well as the actor Anthony Álvarez, to share with the press and related.

In Miami, Dominicans, Boricuas, Cubans and all Latinos in general will be able to enjoy “COLAO”, starting Thursday, February 9, 2018, in the Cinemas:

or AMC – Sunset @ South Miami
o Cobb- Miami Dolphin Mall
or Regal cinemas in Ft Lauderdale
or Regal – The Loop Stadium 16
o Regal – Waterford Lakes stadium 20
or Regal – Citrus Park Stadium 20
o Regal – Philadelphia: Riverview Plaza Stadium 17
or AMC- Atlanta Sugarloaf

The tape continues in billboards in NY, NEW JERSEY, MASSACHUTTS, PHILADELPHIA, PROVIDENCE, CONNECTICUT, and in REP. SUN. Where he has been in theaters for 10 weeks.

In the depths of Jarabacoa lives Antonio, who has not done more in his life than growing the coffee fruit as he has been taught since he was young. Bachelor, under the family and almost at the age of 40, decides to turn his life around and open up new horizons in order to find the only thing he lacks in his life; love. Anecdotes from day to day in the city of Santo Domingo, conducted with a dialogue basted for the situation comedy, where Antonio is accompanied by his two cousins ​​Felipe and Rafael Rafael who help not only to conquer the heart of Laura but also look for independence, bringing out an adventure where love becomes the plot axis of the film.

Data sheet
Title: “Colao”
Director: Frank Perozo
Director of Photography: Juan Carlos Gómez
Screenplay: José R. Pascal Alama
Cast: Raymond Pozo, Miguel Céspedes, Manny Pérez, Nashla Bogaert, Celinés Toribio, Evelyna Rodríguez, Anthony Álvarez, Shailyn Sosa, Ana María Arias, Chelsy Bautista, El Nene La Amenazzy, Arcángel La Maravilla, Niurka Mota, Miguel Bucarelli, Gerardo Mercedes .
Comedy genre.
Duration: 88 mins.
Executive Producers: Michael Carrady, Gregory Quinn, Zumaya Cordero
General Producer: Jose R. Pascal Alama
Associate Producers: Ana López, Riccardo Bardelino
Line Producer: Kendy Yanoreth Calcaño
First assistant director: David Pagán
Art director: Lorelei Sanz
Director of Locations: Pablo Cavallo
Director Costume: Ferdinando Erbetti
Editor: José Delio

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