Only 38% of Americans approve of Trump in a polarized country

Only 38% of Americans approve of the management of President Donald Trump after his first year in office, according to a Gallup survey revealed today, which also shows symptoms of the growing polarization in the country.

The survey highlights the increasingly evident political differences that occur in the country, since the percentages of approval of the agent range from 61% in the state of West Virginia to 26% in the state of Vermont.

The data obtained by the consultation, obtained throughout 2017 through telephone interviews with 171,469 US adults, show that Trump has greater support in the north of the country and in the interior states of the east coast.

In states like Alaska (50%), Kentucky (51%), Montana (52%), Idaho (53%), Wyoming (57%) and, of course, West Virginia more than half of the respondents gave their approval to the Current Government.

Faced with this, in California (29%), Washington (34%) and Oregon (36%), all of them located in the West Coast, the most progressive region in the country, Trump’s approval is below 40%.

Neither in the state of New York, where the president is from, does Trump improve his numbers, with 30% approval, and in the District of Columbia, where the capital, Washington, is located, his approval is a very poor one 6%

In any case, these data represent a slight improvement over a similar survey conducted just three months after the billionaire was installed in the White House, when Trump achieved an approval of only 35%, which was the lowest data of a newly appointed president since registration.

The survey has a margin of error of one point. (efeusa)


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