They warn that reggaeton distresses children and affects their development

Reggaeton anguish children and causes a “negative impact on their cognitive development,” especially “hypersexualized” songs for which they are not prepared to discern, said child psychologist Daniela Muñoz to Efe.

For children, “music should be appropriate and meet a training objective, promoting learning and identification with appropriate models of behavior,” especially in schools, he said.

According to the psychotherapist, when adults use music in a children’s school environment or at home without considering the educational objective “they are exposing children to a type of abuse that causes early and inadequate development.”

Adults and teachers, he said, should “respect the physical and emotional development of the infant”, especially at times when there is a “crisis of social values” and prioritizes “a model of success based on physical attributes.”

This musical phenomenon, he said, is causing great anxiety in both children and adults, “since the social models that are presented are non-existent and unattainable.”

The specialist estimated that “the musical proposal used in schools must go through an analysis”, in order to promote learning and fun.

Regarding education at home, considered “essential” to generate a healthy and balanced emotional interaction, as well as encourage coexistence among all members of the family, “adapting to forms of child learning.”

“The world is terrifying when we do not know who we are or where we are located,” said Muñoz, who highlighted the importance of children’s coexistence “in an environment that encourages identification with positive, healthy, balanced and stable models to follow. ”

When children under 12 years of age listen to hypersexualized music, “their ability to develop is violated because they do not understand the meaning of letters and complex, aggressive or sexual images,” he explained.

Between the ages of 2 and 7, children still do not have the capacity to manipulate information or be able to conclude if a song is favorable or unfavorable for them, nor “to discern if that is the context in which they live,” he said.
They warn that reggaeton distresses children and their development

This begins to change between the ages of 7 and 12, when children use logic to arrive at valid conclusions in precise, specific, delimited and well-defined situations, although they still require the help of an adult or a training environment to understand the information. of the environment.

According to the psychologist, it is up to 12 years when “a child has the ability to understand that reggaeton corresponds to an artistic and personal expression, aimed at a defined audience”.

“This psychological process” is linked to the creation of the identity of the human being and “music is one of the most important factors for this”, so children “require healthy stimuli that will provide them with tools to understand this complex world full of symbolism, “he said.

“Hypersexualized songs are violent and restrict the perspective of the planet, showing us a small part of it, there are a variety of musical genres that we can use for each stage of development,” he said.

However, he added, “generalizing reggaeton would be unfair” because it is “a manifestation that, like rock, jazz and other musical genres, is expressed through specific words, notes and rhythms that must be respected, as well as that the psychological processes of childhood “.


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