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Group of 59 Democratic congressmen asks to investigate accusations against Trump

A group of 59 Democratic congressmen today requested the opening of an investigation in the House to clarify the truth of the accusations made by several women who claim that the president, Donald Trump, harassed them sexually before entering the White House.

In a letter to the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Republican Trey Gowdy, and his senior Democratic representative, Elijah Cummings, the congressmen called for an investigation on the grounds that “Americans deserve” to know “the veracity of the accusations. ”

The announcement of this request comes just a day after three of the at least 16 women who accused Trump during the last election campaign of having sexually harassed them, at a press conference in New York, lamented that the president did not have to do against any consequence for their actions.

“All parties deserve the opportunity to reach a just resolution,” said Congresswoman Lois Frankel, who appeared before the media today to explain the reason for the request of this investigation and who stressed that “sexual abuse will not be tolerated” in Washington.

At the moment, the United States is mired in a wave of accusations of sexual harassment in the field of politics and entertainment that, for the moment, has led to the resignation of two Democrats: Senator Al Franken and Congressman John Conyers.

The accusations that insisted yesterday Samantha Holvey, Jessica Leeds and Rachel Crooks, together with the resignation of these two high officials of the party, led on Monday five Senate Democrats to request the resignation of the president.

“These accusations are credible and numerous, I have heard the testimony of these women, and many are heartbreaking,” said Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, seconded by Bernie Sanders, Ron Wyden, Cory Brooker and Jeff Merkley.

Trump’s response was immediate and today he used his personal Twitter account to attack Gillibrand with vehemence.

“Lightweight senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a complete lackey of (Democratic House Speaker) Chuck Schumer and someone who came to my office” begging “funds for her campaign not so long ago – and who would have done anything to get them-, has now risen to the ring to fight against Trump, “the president wrote.

This message has been interpreted, by various Democrats, as a clear insult to the integrity of Gillibrand and was described as “grotesque” by Congresswoman Jackie Speier, one of the 59 people who have signed the aforementioned letter.

Neither the senator for the state of New York wanted to keep silent about such an attack and did not hesitate to answer the president through the same social network.

“He can not shut me up, nor can the millions of women who have gone beyond the limits to raise their voices about the ineptitude and shame that he has brought to the Oval Office,” Gillibrand wrote in direct response to Trump’s tweet.

Trump denies accusations of harassment and charges against the media and the democrats

The president, Donald Trump, today used his personal Twitter account to attack equally against the Democratic Party and the media, which he accused of echoing “fabricated stories” by women who accuse him of sexual harassment.

“The Democrats have been unable to show any collusion with Russia, so now they are focusing on the false accusations and stories invented by women that I do not know and / or have never met.” FALSE NEWS! “, the president wrote first thing in the morning.

With this message Trump makes reference to the accusations leveled against him during the 2016 electoral campaign by 16 women, three of whom insisted on Monday their allegations and regretted that the president does not have to face any consequences for his actions.

Since these accusations were made public, whose credibility was reinforced by the appearance during the electoral campaign of a 2005 video in which the billionaire boasted of being able to treat women in a vexatious way thanks to his status as a famous person, Trump He has denied these accusations.

The fact of winning the presidential elections last year and that no charges were finally brought against him, are being interpreted by the now president as a clear confirmation that he had not done anything wrong.

However, his recent support for the Republican candidate for the Senate by the state of Alabama, Roy Moore, who has been accused by eight women of abusing them in the 1970s, when some of them were minors, has returned to stoke the controversy over the president’s behavior in the past.

Trump did not hesitate to accuse the Democrats and the media, which he considers the great antagonists of his presidency, of promoting a new defamatory campaign against him.

In addition to “wasting thousands of hours and millions of dollars” they have not been able to demonstrate the Kremlin’s interference in the last elections. (efeusa)

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