Republican aspirant accused of sexual harassment will vote on horseback in Alabama

The Republican candidate for the Senate by Alabama, Roy Moore, who faces accusations of sexual harassment, went today to vote on the back of his horse and accompanied by his wife Kayla, in what he described as a “family tradition”.

As he has done on other occasions, Moore arrived at the voting center in Gallant (Alabama) riding his Sassy horse with his characteristic cowboy hat, something he has repeated in past elections.

In the images, the Republican candidate is seen descending a hill at a jog with his wife, also on horseback, before dismounting and tying the equine to the entrance fence before the television cameras.

The controversial 70-year-old ex-judge faces Democrat Doug Jones in the election for a seat in the Senate.

The elections have gained national relevance due to accusations in recent weeks of eight women abusing them in the 1970s, when some were still minors.

Moore has rejected as false all the accusations and has assured that they are part of a campaign of the liberal press to discredit his candidacy.


According to the latest surveys analyzed by the Real Clear Politics website, with data updated until December 10, Moore leads Jones by only two points.

The importance of these special elections is significant for the Republican Party because there is a seat in the Senate that was in its possession until the appointment of Jeff Sessions as attorney general of the State, last February.

Currently, Republicans have a slight majority, from 52 to 48, so in recent days both President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee have actively asked for the vote for Moore.


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