Healthy life unites Cindy Crawford and José Andrés for a few hours

The American supermodel Cindy Crawford and the Spanish chef José Andrés talked today about kitchens, gastronomy and healthy life at a ceremony in Miami Beach organized by the Spanish brand Silestone, in which she revealed that at lunchtime she likes to “try everything ”

True to her elegant but simple style, Cindy Crawford wore a straight red dress that highlighted her good figure in this third act in which she participates in North America as a global image and global ambassador of Silestone, a leading brand in quartz surfaces. for decoration and design, integrated in the Cosentino group.

She and José Andrés, considered an ambassador of Spanish cuisine around the world and especially the United States, where he became popular through television and has numerous restaurants in cities across the country, Miami included, conversed informally from a stage before the guests to a dinner offered by Cosentino at the Tatel restaurant in Miami Beach.

Encouraged by a special tequila, both spoke in English about their respective houses and about the space dedicated to the kitchen.

José Andrés, who, according to Efe before the event had previously agreed with Crawford but had not been treated until today, said that his home in Washington is “a kitchen that happens to be a house,” but said that the boss in That territory is his wife.

He also said that he lives in a “minority” because he is the only man in a house with four women – his wife and three daughters – and that feeling minority is something that goes with him as an “immigrant” in the United States.

More timid than him, Crawford said that his kitchen is not so big and said that following the words of José Andrés, in his case it would be a wardrobe that is a house because of his interest in fashion.

Regarding his culinary tastes, he pointed out that since he grew up in the Midwest where the cuisine is basic and not at all varied, when he learned about the world he started to “try everything” and that at home he likes to meet in the kitchen with his family and bake some cake.

The executive director of the group for North America, Eduardo Cosentino, was the host of an evening in which there was also music and good Spanish food.

José Andrés praised the Tatel restaurant and its chef, despite being the competition of its restaurants in Miami, and was photographed with the Iberian ham cutter that was present before dinner.

The Cosentino group, dedicated to the production and distribution of surfaces for the world of architecture and design, has an implantation in 32 countries and has subsidiaries or own commercial assets in 29 of them.

Its products are distributed in 80 countries and in Brazil is its only factory outside Almeria (southeast of Spain), where the group has its headquarters.

The multinational opened last month in Coral Gables, a city near Miami, its new headquarters for the American continent in which it has invested more than 2.5 million dollars.


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