The rapper and actor “DMX” pleads guilty to tax evasion

The American actor and rapper DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, turned today in the case against him for tax fraud to plead guilty in a court in New York to evade the payment of 1.7 million dollars in taxes, reported the Federal prosecutor’s office in Manhattan.

Simmons, 46, also known as “X” in the silent of the show, had pleaded not guilty last July 14, shortly after he was arrested and charged with 14 counts, including the evasion of that figure, which He should have paid the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), for which he could receive a sentence of 44 years in prison.

After the agreement with the prosecution to plead guilty, the artist is now facing a maximum sentence of five years in prison when he is sentenced on March 29 and has to return the unpaid money from his taxes.

“Simmons did the right thing today by admitting his guilt and agreeing to pay his fiscal responsibility, no matter who he is or the fame he has achieved, the law applies equally to everyone and no one is exempt from the shared obligation to pay taxes,” said the federal prosecutor. interim in Manhattan, Joon H. Kim, in a press release.

The tax collection agency began to pursue the debts of the singer of “X Gon ‘Give it to Ya” in 2005, after he evaded paying 1.7 million dollars, the result of his recordings and performances since 2002.

From 2010 to 2015, he entered about 2.3 million dollars but “plotted a plot” to evade his tax obligations using cash and using the accounts of his managers to pay their expenses, the prosecutor recalled.

The artist, who has also performed in fifteen films and has been nominated for a Grammy, took “other steps” to hide his income from the authorities, such as declaring bankruptcy and classifying his earnings as “unknown” between 2011 and 2012, or declaring rents for only $ 10,000 in 2013.

“In fact, Simmons received hundreds of thousands of dollars of income in each of those years,” according to prosecutors.

DMX began its career in 1997 with the launch of a series of hip hop albums that sold millions of copies.


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