Natalia Jiménez: “I have become a folkloric with age”

The Spanish singer Natalia Jiménez, ex-vocalist of the group La Quinta Estación, begins a tour of the United States to present her album tribute to Jenni Rivera and said in an interview with Efe that “with age” she has become “a folkloric”.

“There are no longer those women of yesteryear who went up with the divine garment to sing like Rocío Jurado or Rocío Dúrcal.” Jenni was like the last ones left and that kind of woman I love, is what I like it: get on stage, put on my dress, hit four screams and get off, “Jiménez explained.

“I like any style that has a point of theater, I’m a folkloric, what am I going to do, I’ve become a folkloric with age,” he added with a laugh.

Jimenez will begin on December 6 in Sacramento a tour that will pass through the Californian locations of Riverside, Los Angeles, Anaheim and San Diego, to end his tour on the 15th of the same month in Phoenix (Arizona).

The Spanish, whose career and success are closely linked to the Mexican market, said that these concerts make her very excited because they will allow her to “reconnect” with her audience after being a mother recently.

Along with his successes at La Quinta Estación as “Me muero” or “El sol no regresa”, Jiménez will also defend his latest album on stage, a tribute to Jenni Rivera entitled “Homage to the great lady”.

“It was something I always wanted to do because I had a thorn in my head not having done a duet and having gone on tour with her,” she recalled about the emblematic Mexican artist who died in a plane crash in 2012 and, like Jiménez, had a powerful and powerful voice.

The singer said it was a “very nice process” to try to bring Rivera’s hits to pop to bring them closer to other audiences beyond fans of band music.

“If you have not been born in Mexico or on the border, it’s really hard to understand band music, it’s a shrill sound,” Jimenez said before saying that she personally feels a weakness for Mexican rhythms.

“There’s something about having a mariachi behind and having songs that do not limit me that I can not find in another musical style, the ballads are very good, but the mariachi is something else,” he said.

“I love to destroy everything, change everything and see what happens, I love to experiment,” he added.

Jimenez admitted with a smile that it would have been impossible to explain to the young woman, who at 17 years old sang in the Madrid subway and listened to Janis Joplin or Led Zeppelin, who would end up surrendering to the mariachi: “I was like a ragged hippy”.

But in her career, and still very young, they crossed the Mexican public and the success of La Quinta Estación, a tremendous triumph that she does not know if she can repeat with the same intensity, since she is a different artist: “I have another address and I feel that people believe it, people take it as true. ”

“I do not want to go dancing, to show my tits, I do not have any interest in reggaeton either, that’s very good for other people, but I have an audience that is subscribed to me, that they have always liked, that they are used to listening to me sing and that’s what I’m going to give them forever, “he argued
“If they like that already, it means that I will not be stuck in number one and playing on the radio like a beast, but I have the 500,000 on Twitter and the 900,000 on Instagram that love me, because I’m happy with that”, finished


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