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Las Vegas, Orlando and Miami, the “most sinful” cities in the US

Las Vegas, Orlando and Miami are the three “most sinful” cities in the United States, according to a classification made from statistical data on activities associated with the deadly sins of traditional Christian morality.

The study “The most sinful cities of America in 2017”, conducted by the consulting firm WalletHub, identifies, by means of a series of indicators, that measure from violent crimes per capita to excessive consumption of alcohol, the 182 most impure cities in the country .

The city of casinos, which, according to advertisements never sleeps, leads the ranking with a score of 59.53.

Despite being the game’s capital, the predominant sin in Las Vegas (Nevada) is vanity considering the abundance of beauty salons, tanning centers per capita and Google searches of the “Top 5 in aesthetic operations”.

In greed they outscore Las Vegas, Gulfport (Mississippi) and Reno (Nevada).

The result, in this case, is obtained from the combination of casinos per capita, charitable activities in relation to the average income and percentage of the population with problems of gambling addiction (gambling).

WalletHub points out that $ 6 billion in treatments to cure gambling and legal proceedings related to gambling are spent every year in the United States.

In this section the study shows that of the 182 cities studied the most charitable is Salt Lake City (Utah), the capital of the Mormons.

Richmond (Virginia) is the number one in the sin of lust, taking into account indicators such as the number of adult entertainment establishments in relation to the population, the potential number of unfaithful people, the rate of juvenile pregnancy and the assiduity in the Tinder mobile application.

As for the sin of anger, materialized in revenge, violent crime, sexual delinquency and bullying, the research places Charleston (West Virginia) is the head of the classification.

However, they are Detroit (Michigan) and San Luis (Missouri) the cities with the highest rates of violent crime. On the contrary, Irvine (California) has the lowest rate.

Fort Lauderdale, a city in South Florida near Miami, is the most envious of the country if you consider the rates of theft, including identity, and fraud.

Laziness is another of the weaknesses of the human being according to Christianity and the indicators chosen in this case, such as hours spent watching television or the number of people volunteering, show Providence (Rhode Island) as the worst of the list.

Undoubtedly, gluttony is one of the biggest concerns in the United States given the large number of people who suffer from obesity in the country.

In the study, this sin is included in a large section that includes “vices” and “excesses”, from the consumption of opiates, marijuana, tobacco and alcohol to the number of fast food establishments and the overweight index.

Also here Charleston (West Virginia) is the number one of all excesses and vices, and Madison (Wisconsin) and Jackson (Mississippi) take the cake in alcohol consumption and in the largest number of adults who do not exercise, respectively.

In the general classification of the most sinful cities, Orlando, the Florida city of the theme parks, ranks second, but it is also number one in number of sex offenders, according to the study.

Miami, third in the general classification, is number one in terms of potential infidels, taking into account the number of visits made from this city to the web Ashley Madison, the portal of those who are looking for adventures with other people.

With a score of only 28.97, it appears in the last position on the South Burlington list in Vermont.

Greed is the greatest weakness of this city, but even so it is far from being a big problem, since it is ranked 78th in the classification for this sin.
The WalletHub study contains a wealth of data on what costs the country “sins”.

For example, addiction to tobacco causes an annual expenditure of 300,000 million dollars in the United States and frauds with credit and debit cards amounted in 2015 to the figure of 22,000 million dollars.

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