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Tampa police are questioning suspected suspect of four murders

Police in Tampa today reported that they are questioning a fast-food chain employee for their possible connection to the series of murders that have terrorized a neighborhood of that city on the west coast of Florida.

Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said the man under interrogation, reportedly working at a McDonald’s restaurant in Ybor City, a suburb of Tampa, is not being held.

However, he declared himself “optimistic” that he would be able to find a connection between that person and the four murders in the Seminole Heights neighborhood since the beginning of October, which the police attribute to the same person, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

According to this medium, the McDonald’s employee today left a 9mm pistol loaded to the manager of the restaurant to keep it because he was going to cash a check and when he returned he found that the police, who were following a track related to a red car, was waiting for him.

The employee who, according to channel 10 of Tampa, had been working at that location for two months and has “bad character” according to other workers, was taken to the police headquarters for questioning.

The Tampa Police, a city of more than 336,000 residents, believes that the four murders registered in Seminole Heights since October 9 are the work of the same person.

The last victim was a 60-year-old unemployed, whose lifeless body was found in a street on November 14.

A witness to this murder described the murderer as a black man of 1.85 meters tall and thin build who wore all black and wore a pistol, according to information provided by the police.

When police agents found Felton’s lifeless body on Nov. 14, Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said that because of the location where the murder took place, in the same area as the other three, and the manner in which the murderer acted, it can be deduced that the four crimes “are linked”.

The four victims were not related to each other and were alone when they were killed by gunfire.

The first victim was Benjamin Mitchell, 22, who was fatally shot by the killer on October 9 near a stop on bus line 9.

Two days later, although her body was not found until the 13th, Monica Caridad Hoffa, 32, was walking through the neighborhood to meet a friend when she died from several shots.

On October 19, Anthony Naiboa, 20, was looking for a bus stop when he was shot dead.

Naiboa’s father, who was autistic, had called the police shortly before to report that his son was missing.

The police requested citizen collaboration to find the killer and has received more than 5,000 information.

In addition, there is a reward of more than 100,000 dollars, collected by public and private entities, for those who contribute effectively to their capture.

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