Representative in P.Rico says “inhuman” some parts of Humacao have no water

The representative of the 35th district, Samuel Pagán, regretted today that the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA) reports that 92 percent of the subscribers have water, however, in Humacao there are communities that have not seen a single drop of water. faucets, which keeps them in a totally “inhuman” situation.

“The entire Mariana neighborhood, Buena Vista, Candelero Arriba, Texas, El Retiro, Los Sauces, Vista Hermosa, have been without water for 68 days, which is unacceptable and inhumane, and citizens are at a maximum level of despair. , someone has to respond, “said the NPP representative.

Pagán said that since day one he has been in communication with the regional director of the AAA and other officials who responded with tank trucks and have restored service in some areas.

However, he made it clear that his multiple attempts to reach the president of the corporation and ask him to address this problem directly, “have been unsuccessful.”

“The main excuse is the lack of generators for the pumping plants or problems they have, this is a matter that requires the immediate attention of Elí Díaz, I invite you to visit Humacao and evaluate the true status of drinking water. Unfortunately, Humacao, Naguabo and Las Piedras are among the 8 percent that still do not have water, “said the legislator of those three municipalities.

From Naguabo, the representative mentioned that in Daguao (New and Old Plots), Higüerillo, Botijas, Santo Tomás and Los Valles also lack the service, while in Las Piedras some neighborhoods such as Boquerón have intermittent service and other sectors have not seen water either. .

As a last alternative and understanding that the problem is the lack of generators, Pagán, finally, suggested that “a calendar be established so that the generators rotate and can serve the communities for a determined time”.


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