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Hate crimes increased last year, according to the FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recorded an increase in hate crimes in the United States last year and a rebound in incidents motivated by prejudice against Jews, Muslims and the lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual community (LGBT). ).

According to a new report published today by the FBI, in 2016 there were more than 6,100 hate crimes, which is an increase from the 5,800 incidents of 2016.

According to the FBI report, 57.5% of the victims were attacked because of their race, skin color and ethnic origin, while 21% of the attacks were due to religious reasons and 17.7% referred to the sexual orientation of the victims.

The hate crimes motivated by religion increased last year, especially the aggressions against Jews and Muslims.

As in 2015, anti-Semitism was again the main cause of religious hate crimes, motivating 55% of attacks, followed by incidents generated by Islamophobia, a hostile feeling that generated 25% of hate crimes related to the creed of the victims.

The FBI report comes at a time when many organizations have warned of the increase in hate crimes.

For example, the Council of Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) has warned that hate crimes against Muslims have increased by nearly 600% in the last three years.

In addition, the Association of Jewish Community Centers of North America has expressed concern about attacks against the American Jewish community, the largest outside Israel, and has had to endure the desecration of several of its cemeteries and attacks on its community centers and schools. .

The victory of Donald Trump in the presidential elections of November 2016 was a boost for the right-wing movement “alt right”, based on a strong anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic sentiment, because he considers that the Jews want to control the United States.

That is why numerous organizations make Trump responsible for the increase in hate crimes.

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