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The first “dreamer” deported in the Trump era is detained on the border

The young Mexican Juan Manuel Montes, identified as the first beneficiary of the Deferred Action (DACA) deported under the administration of President Donald Trump, was arrested by the Border Patrol when he tried to cross the border illegally, the federal agency reported today.

The arrest occurred around midnight on Monday, when the youth, who sued the US government for being deported despite being protected by DACA, was detected by a surveillance system about four miles east of the central area of ​​Calexico, in California.

After running more than 180 meters north from the fence that divides Mexico and the United States, Montes sat momentarily on the ground and when he realized that the officers of this agency were approaching, he got up and tried to flee, according to the Border Patrol. a statement.

After a brief chase on foot, the agents arrested the 23-year-old, who was transferred to a station of the federal agency, which was found to be Juan Manuel Montes Bojórquez, the young Mexican deported to his country in the past. February 19th.

“Our officers witnessed and arrested Mr. Bojórquez trying to enter the United States illegally for the second time this year,” said David Kim, assistant chief of the Border Patrol in the El Centro sector, adding that anyone who enters the United States illegally will be arrested, “regardless of immigration status or citizenship.”

In April of this year, Montes Bojórquez, who suffers from a cognitive disability, had filed a lawsuit against the United States Government in which he alleged that he was deported despite having a valid residency and work permit as a DACA beneficiary.

The Government insisted that the “dreamer”, as the DACA beneficiaries are known, left the country voluntarily, which caused him to lose his protection status, although Montes maintained that it was an erroneous deportation.

The young man alleged that on February 17 of this year he was questioned by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents while walking on a street in Calexico and, since he did not bring identification, he was expelled from the country. Days later, he tried to reenter, but was arrested and deported again.

On October 19, Montes Bojórquez withdrew the suit from a federal court in the Southern District of California.

The young man had his first appearance before a federal judge in California on Tuesday and must answer for the crime of illegally re-entering the United States. His next hearing is scheduled for November 21.

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