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Cruises to Cuba will leave revenues of 623 million dollars in three years

The itineraries to Cuba of the three major US cruise companies will leave more than 623 million dollars in revenues between 2017 and 2019, according to a projection of the US-Cuba Economic and Trade Council released today.

According to the Council’s analysis, based on the data collected through October 25, the 286 trips to Cuba that Norwegian, Carnival and Royal Caribbean companies are expected to make in those years will transport some 455,000 passengers, if at all. Each boat travels to its maximum capacity.

These operations will report to the firms, all based in Miami, revenues of more than 623 million dollars, but also mean for Cuba earnings of 64 million dollars in expenses of tourists related to land transport, excursions, restaurants and memories as habanos.

Additionally, the island’s Government will receive $ 19 million in port taxes, which for the largest vessels, that is, with a capacity of between 684 and 2,744 passengers, amounts to about $ 79,000.

In 2016, when these US trips were reestablished In Cuba, the gross income of these three companies together amounted to 28,800 million dollars, corresponding to all trips of their 144 vessels and operated with their different brands.

In May of that year, the first cruise to Cuba in more than 50 years, the Adonia, of the Carnival company, began after the thaw between the two countries undertaken in the last two years of the mandate of the then US president, Barack Obama. (2009-2017).

In another analysis published today by the US-Cuba Economic and Trade Council, its president, John Kavulich, reported that the gross income of the 52 US companies that have a presence in Cuba since December 2014 add up to one trillion dollars (a “trillion” in the US).

These companies include the three cruise companies, airlines such as United, Jet Blue, Delta or American; manufacturers and distributors such as John Deere or Caterpillar; financial institutions such as Stonegate Bank or Banco Popular de Puerto Rico; technology and telecommunications such as Cisco, Google, AT & T or Verizon, and hosting such as Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide or Airbnb. efe

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