Trump threatens the ISIS and says the group “will pay” for its attacks against the US

The president, Donald Trump, warned today that the Islamic State (IS) “will pay a high price” for his attacks against the country, after the terrorist group claimed that the alleged author of the attack in New York on Tuesday is one of his “soldiers”.

In a series of tweets, Trump echoed that demand for ISIS, made in the latest issue of his weekly online magazine Al Nabá (The News), and called the suspect of the attack, the Uzbek immigrant Sayfullo Saipov, a “degenerate animal”. , aged 29, who is in custody.

According to Trump, the armed forces have beaten the IS “much harder” in the last two days.

“They (the IS terrorists) will pay a high price for each attack against us!” Declared the president.

Shortly after, when leaving the White House to fly to Hawaii, from where a long tour of Asia will begin on Saturday, Trump reiterated before the journalists that, every time there is an attack of the US in the US, his Government will attack the terrorist group “ten times stronger”.

The attack in New York, a multiple outrage that caused eight deaths and twelve wounded, has not been claimed by the EI through official communications or through notes in the agency Amaq, linked to the jihadists, as is usual in the group .

A column in Al Nabá briefly recounts the attack in New York, citing information from “media” and without using any internal source of the terrorist group, as is usual when claiming attacks committed abroad.

The US authorities believe that Saipov acted alone, inspired by all the IS propaganda that he had in his possession, although they continue to investigate his past and the contacts he might have.

The alleged terrorist was read the charges on Wednesday before the court that takes the case, although the formal accusation will be announced later, possibly in a second judicial hearing that will be held on November 15.

Trump has asked for the death penalty for Saipov and, although at first he said he was going to consider sending him to the prison in Guantanamo (Cuba), then he has backed off by admitting the complications and slowness of that process.


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