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Trump does not give up and insists that an investigation be opened to Hillary Clinton

The president, Donald Trump, once again attacked his former rival in the presidential campaign last year, the Democrat Hillary Clinton, and asked the Justice Department and the FBI to investigate whether it financed a report on his possible connection with the Kremlin

“Everyone is asking why the Department of Justice (and the FBI) ​​does not investigate all the indecency of the ‘Dishonest’ Hillary and the Democrats,” the president said in the early hours of his day on his personal Twitter account.

Trump wanted to reoffend in the controversy caused by the imminent publication of a book by the former interim president of the Democratic Party, Donna Brazile, who said she had proof that Clinton rigged the primary elections against Senator Bernie Sanders.

Also, the Republican ruler took the thread of Twitter to attack the influential Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, although this yesterday reinforced his conspiracy theories by stating that, in his opinion, the Democratic primaries were effectively rigged to benefit the former first lady .

“Pocahontas (a nickname with which Trump often refers to Warren in a derogatory way) just said that the Democrats, led by the legendary ‘Dishonest’ Hillary rigged the primaries, we’re going to the FBI and the Justice Department!” He wrote.

The billionaire sees in this possible maneuver an excuse to question the honesty of the former secretary of state who, among other things, accuses of having financed the preparation of a report on the alleged interference of the Russian government in the 2016 presidential campaign .

“The real story about the interference is in the new book by Donna B. The ‘Dishonest’ Hillary bought the Democratic National Committee and then stole the Democratic primaries from the madman Bernie (Sanders),” said Trump, who did not hesitate to relate this information with other controversial actions of your ex-rival.

Trump made reference to the agreement of sale of Uranium to Russia by the administration of former President Barack Obama, to emails erased by Clinton when he was the subject of an investigation to use his personal account for official matters and “more and more”, and He added that the Justice Department and the FBI must do “what is right” because “the Americans deserve it.”

Shortly before leaving for Hawaii, from where this Saturday will travel to Japan to start an official tour of Asia, taking advantage of the presence of journalists, the president brought up the matter and insisted on his statement yesterday that he would like “get involved” in a possible investigation of the subject.

On the matter of substance, the alleged interference of the Kremlin in the presidential campaign that would have aimed to favor the Republican candidate, an investigation that this week experienced a new chapter with the house arrest of the former campaign manager of the now president, Paul Manafort, Trump He chose to deny the major.

“I can tell you this: there was no interference, there was nothing, frankly, it’s a misfortune that they insist on it,” Trump protested.

The head of state also downplayed the allegations made this week by one of his campaign team members, George Papadopoulos, who has been charged after pleading guilty to lying about his contacts with individuals connected to Moscow.

As reported these days the local press, Papadopoulos, who worked as a volunteer in foreign affairs during the campaign, was in frequent contact with senior officials of the same and tried to schedule a meeting of the candidate with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I do not remember much about that meeting, it was a very unimportant meeting, which took place a long time ago, so I do not remember it very much,” said Trump.

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