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Casa Patas flamenco returns to Miami with “Binomio”, in its world debut

The flamenco show “Binomio”, an “artistic conversation” between the bailaora Anabel Moreno and the bailaor and choreographer Francisco Hidalgo produced by the Casa Patas Foundation, will have its world premiere tomorrow in Miami.

“Binomio” is Hidalgo’s third show as a choreographer and the second for Casa Patas, from Madrid, which seeks to maintain a balance between the purity of tradition and the new sensibilities of contemporary flamenco.

In a statement to Efe, Hidalgo, a native of Algodonales (Cádiz, Spain), expressed his joy at returning to the United States, where, he said, there is a public “affectionate” and “grateful”, but also “understood” and “demanding “with flamenco.

The bailaor debuted as choreographer with “Los silencios del baile”, a production also from the Casa Patas Foundation that was presented in 2016 in Miami, Washington and Seattle at the hands of FUNDarte.

This time they will visit the same cities and two more in the state of Washington.
Hidalgo, who only a few days ago premiered in Ronda (Malaga, Spain) “See, hear and dance”, a show created for his own company, expressed his admiration for the art of Anabel Moreno, the dancer from Granada who was the guest artist of that production and also that of “Binomio”.

With her “friend” Anabel she will dance some numbers in the Miami-Dade County Auditorium this Saturday and Sunday, and both will also dance separately on those same tables.

The guitarist José Almarcha and the singer Trini de la Isla, as well as the cantaora Ana Polanco, are part of the cast of “Binomio”, as well as the Sudanese musician Waffir, who plays the tambourine, the lute and the accordion.

Hidalgo considers that everything that is “studying, discovering and advancing in new forms and movements” is good for flamenco dance.

He likes improvisation, “provided that whoever does it knows the codes of the dance” and, as he says, he will have an opportunity to do so in “Binomio”.

“As a dancer, I like to have a space for improvisation and freedom,” he emphasizes.
“Binomio” is the result of an investigation into the human gift of art from the energy between two dancers.

A natural dialogue between two bodies that, in the words of Hidalgo, occurs between “two forms, two visions, two thoughts aligned in themselves to establish a dialogue of sensations, emotions and reactions interpreted through flamenco music”.

Casa Patas will also offer a master class for professional local dancers on Monday, November 6.

Hidalgo has worked as a bailaor with Miguel Poveda and Cristina Hoyos, among many other artists, while Casa Patas, a renowned tablao from Madrid, also created in 2000 a Flamenco Foundation and Conservatory.

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