Arrested the author of the murder of three people in a shootout in Denver

The alleged perpetrator of the murder of three people – two men and one woman – in a shooting that took place this Wednesday in Thornton, outside of Denver (Colorado), has been arrested, police said today.

According to the police of Thornton on Twitter, the detainee was identified as Scott Ostrem, 47, through the recordings of the security cameras of the mall in which the events took place on Wednesday night.

The person responsible for the incident entered the premises “quietly” and opened fire suddenly and then leave the establishment by car before the arrival of the agents, according to the police, who indicated that there were no indications that it was a terrorist act, but rather that it was a “random” event.

Two men died in the same place, according to security forces, who claimed that a woman was transferred to the hospital.

Hours later, the police reported that the third victim had died, without disclosing data related to the three deceased.

Thornton is a suburb of about 120,000 people located north of Denver.


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