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Representative P.Rico in the USA asks for billions of dollars for Medicaid

The resident commissioner of Puerto Rico in Washington, Jenniffer Gonzalez, appeared today before the Committee of Rules of the Federal House of Representatives to advocate for the approval of a bill that would allocate one billion dollars to serve the Medicaid program in Puerto Rico.

“When we arrived at the Congress in January, over one million residents in Puerto Rico faced the real possibility of losing their health coverage due to the deficit in the financing product of the disproportionate application in Puerto Rico of the so-called Obamacare and the formula used for Puerto Rico. , different from the “US states,” he said.

Congress acted “expeditiously” to address the problem and redistribute $ 295.9 million for Medicaid to the extent of the Omnibus approved this spring, reminded the members of the Rules Committee the resident commissioner, according to a statement released by her press office. .

The Rules Committee made an exception with the resident commissioner by allowing him to appear at the hearing, since the only persons who do so are those who will present in the session of said body some type of amendment to some measure and authors of measures.

The commissioner thanked the Committee of the Rules Committee, Pete Sessions, for making an exception and giving her the opportunity to advocate for the aforementioned measure, given the need for Puerto Rico to approve it.

He also thanked Energy Trade Committee Chair Greg Walden and Health Subcommittee Chair Michael Burgess for expedited work in favor of this vital legislation that provides a 5 year extension to the Children’s Health Insurance Program ( CHIP, for its acronym in English).

“HR 3922 allocates an additional billion to address the problem of Medicaid funding in Puerto Rico This is another important step taken by Congress to address this problem, giving us a break to find a permanent solution to Medicaid inequalities.” said the congresswoman.

“I urge members to support and quickly pass this legislation and our Senate colleagues to act accordingly.” As the only non-voting representative of 3.4 million US citizens, more than any member of the House, I will not be able to issue an affirmative vote on this legislation when it reaches the House Plenary tomorrow, “he said.

Therefore, respectfully, “I ask my fellow voters to support this bill that many of our fellow citizens across the country so urgently need,” he concluded.

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