The five living exponents of the United States. raise funds after hurricanes

The five living voters of the United States, three Democrats and two Republicans, have joined in the “One American Appeal” campaign, which has already raised $ 31 million for hurricane victims.

Jimmy Carter (1977-1981), George HW Bush (1989-1993), Bill Clinton (1993-2001), George W. Bush (2001-2009) and Barack Obama (2009-2017) appeared together last night at a gala of this campaign in the Texas town of College Station.

On Sept. 7, they launched the initiative with a joint video in which they originally asked for funding for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, but which, after subsequent catastrophes, has expanded to hurricanes in Florida, Louisiana, Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands.

The current president, Donald Trump, did not participate in the event and only a video was broadcast with a few words of his in which he dedicated kindly comments to the exponents he criticizes so often.

He said that they are “some of the most excellent public servants in the country,” despite the fact that this week Bush’s son and Obama criticized his policies, without naming him, in separate speeches.

The last time the five politicians appeared together was in 2013 at the inauguration of Bush’s presidential bookstore in Dallas.


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