Blue Jays makes free agent to Bautista

The Toronto Blue Jays will reject the mutual choice they have with the Dominican ranger Jose Bautista, who thus becomes a free agent.

Ross Atkins, the team’s general manager, told a news conference that Bautista was briefed on the team’s plans “two weeks ago.”

The Dominican slugger signed a one-year contract and 18 million to return to the Blue Jays in 2017.

The agreement included a $ 17 million option for 2018, with a purchase of 500,000 and a 20 million option by 2019.

This coming season, Bautista hit .203 batting average with 23 homers and 65 RBIs, setting the Azulejos season record with 170 strikeouts, the worst he has ever had in his career.


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