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The teachings of NBA coaches will be sent to the world by online videos

The world of computing will have a special effect on the development of the sport of basketball, after NBA coaches can instruct in online videos across the world.

The project is near start and will consist of offering instructions to anyone who can be online.

The National Association of Basketball Coaches announced that it works with a company called eCoach to produce instructional videos about various basketball sporting skills.

The content will be offered for the first time starting this fall.

“This technology and content is unprecedented and will totally change our way of communicating our game with the rest of the world,” said Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, who is also president of the National Coaches Association (NBCA). its acronym in English).

Carlisle acknowledged that the project was something special and unique in relation to what had been done previously to promote the development of basketball across the world.

“In my 12 years as president of the NBCA, this is without doubt the most exciting endeavor we have ever been a part of.”

The organizers of the entire project as an “online basketball college” and there will be special emphasis to reach the markets of China, India, Brazil, Africa, the Philippines, Australia and Europe.

Most videos will last between two and four minutes, different themes and different plays will be played to vary skill levels. Beginning next year, videos will be subtitled in as many languages ​​as possible.

Houston Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni acknowledged that the effort was worthwhile because it would be very useful in developing the sport of basketball from the fundamentals not only to reach the international level but also in the United States.

“We have seen the interest abroad when the NBA teams arrive, because having the opportunity to make it easy and understandable to the fundamentals of the sport of basketball will be great,” said D’Antoni.

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