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Trump: US is “on alert” and its “borders are much tougher than ever”

President Donald Trump stressed that the country’s borders “are much tougher than ever before” and stressed that the Department of Homeland Security is “on alert”, following the attacks in Spain that have left at least 14 dead and more Of a hundred wounded.

“Our borders are a lot tougher than ever before,” Trump said in his Twitter account.

He added that “the Department of Homeland Security and the security forces are on alert and watching for any signs of trouble.”
This is the third message of Trump after the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, on Thursday and Friday night.

At first, the US president expressed his condemnation of what happened in Barcelona, ​​when a van massively trampled dozens of pedestrians on the popular promenade of Las Ramblas, and urged the Spaniards to be “tough and strong” in the Fight against terrorism.

Authorities have arrested four people and killed five suspected terrorists in Cambrils this morning, while the alleged driver of the van is in search and capture.

The Islamic State, through its related agency, Amaq, has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Subsequently, in a second message, Trump opted for a more belligerent tone by citing as an example of fighting Islamic radical terrorism an apocryphal story of General John J. Pershing, who allegedly dipped in blood from pork bullets before executing Muslim insurgents in Philippines over a century ago. Efe

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