Disney presents digital and DVD format of his movie “Born in China”

Walt Disney World today announced the digital and DVD release of “Born in China,” a documentary featuring three animal families and their challenge to the country’s remote lands and mountains.

The digital and blue ray package will be available from August 29, the entertainment giant announced at a presentation event held at Animal Kingdom theme park on the outskirts of Orlando in central Florida.

“This is an innovative film, in the sense that it really gives viewers a look inside China that we do not see,” said Roy Conli, producer of the film.

The film is produced by Disney Nature, a branch created by the training company in order to carry out educational projects with directors and producers of films about nature.

First released to the public in Asia in August 2016, the 79-minute documentary was screened in the United States and the rest of the world since April.

Filmed in inhospitable mountains and in bamboo forests rarely visited by humans, the documentary allows you to take a look at the challenges of a snow leopard, Dawa, with her creature Yaya, a huge panda bear with her baby Mei Mei, and a Family of gold nosed monkeys.

According to Conli, the scenes were recorded on the Shichuan plateau, at a height of between 50,000 and 60,000 feet.

“Most mammals could not exist there, but for a few mammals that is their home,” said Conli, producer of the film, which is narrated by John Krasinski.

“The Shichuan mountains where pandas and monkeys live are pure cinematic magic,” concludes Conli. “The story of each of these animals touches our heart in a way that only Disney can do,” concluded Conli.


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