The Patriots make history as the first team in the NFL with their own planes

The sporting power of the New England Patriots, the current Super Bowl champions, also possess him economically after becoming the first team in the National Football League (NFL) who have bought two aircraft with which they will travel during All season.

According to the ESPN television network, the purchase of airplanes, Boeing 767 wide-body models, was made during the offseason break and have been prepared with first-class seats, which recline completely.

Also on the outside, in at least one of the planes, has been decorated with the name, the shield and the colors of the equipment and in the queue put the five Lombardi Super Bowl trophies they own.

These airplanes, depending on the flight miles and condition, usually have a cost of about 10 million dollars and a flying autonomy of 12 hours without needing to load fuel.

The purchase cost of each aircraft has exceeded 190 million dollars.

Although Stacey James, a spokesman for the Patriots, said the team did not make public comments on the acquisitions, it is known that one aircraft will be used as the main of the season, while the other will be in reserve.

All flight operations will be conducted from Providence, Rhode Island.
The NFL teams had not thought much of the past about buying their own planes, with only 10 games scheduled away from home.

However, charter flights have become more expensive in the last couple of years, as major carriers are beginning to pull out of the larger planes in which teams fly.

Large airplanes – which can carry an entire crew, its attendants and a large amount of equipment that the equipment needs outside the home – are being withdrawn because they are approaching a point in their life cycle in which they must be stripped Of its interiors, destroyed and rebuilt to meet the requirements of the federal aviation administration.

Airlines like Delta and American have decided to start withdrawing planes instead of undergoing what would be a restructuring with an inaccessible cost.

American said last year that he would no longer carry the teams of the Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins.

Increasing the cost for NFL teams traveling by charter makes the decision to buy an aircraft simpler.

Sources with knowledge of the agreements of the contracts that the teams have made with charter companies assure that the 10 round flights per season can have a cost of up to 4 million.

Due to the value of sports franchises and players, team-owned aircraft are expected to help give athletes more time and efficiency in their recovery process, which is one of the areas that most interested the Patriots.

In 2014, an airplane designed by the company Teague, in partnership with Nike, sought to match the effects of air travel on the mind and body as well as gain an advantage in recovery through a gym in mid-flight.

Two years later, Russian aircraft maker Sukhoi built its own aircraft that included a “smart bath” that measured the hydration status of athletes and sensors in seats that could detect athletes’ physiological changes.

The Patriots will allow planes to be rented during the season when they do not need to travel, sources said. It is not known what level of interest the team will have in seeking to offset their costs when the aircraft is no longer used by the team.


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