Herrera hit home run and the Phillies continue to dominate the Braves


Venezuelan ranger Odubel Herrera threw the ball into the street and helped the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Atlanta Braves 5-2.

The Phillies, who rank 41-69, the worst in the National League, continue to control the Bravesm since of their 41 wins, 10 have been against the Atlanta Novena.

Philadelphia has a 10-2 record against Atlanta, including a “sweep” series of four games against 28-31 July.

Herrera (12) played the tolete in the fifth episode against the opener of Colombian opener Julio Teheran, with a runner in base and one out in the episode.

The win was scored by starter Zach Eflin (1-3) in seven innings, conceding seven hits, a home run and two runs.

The Braves’ defeat was Tehran (7-10) in five innings, allowing seven hits, a home run and five runs.


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