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“Strenuous,” says Jeb Bush about Trump’s first term in office

Florida’s former governor Jeb Bush today called Donald Trump’s “first-half” but in a sense “incomplete” the White House’s first semester and urged the president to take over “the investiture of leader” at one time.

In this sense, Bush, interviewed by Univision, said that Trump should stop tweeting, “pressure” people to “look better” and “other things that do not help.”

In the interview, posted on Facebook, Bush, who was one of Trump’s rivals for the Republican nomination in the last election campaign, talked about immigration and also what he believes the current president should change.

When asked for his opinion on Trump’s first 200 days in power, he said it was a “strenuous” period, but at the same time somehow “incomplete in the sense that not much has been done.”

“It feels like the whole world has been turned upside down. It has created controversy where there is no need for it to exist,” he said.

The son of former President George H.W. Bush and brother of former President George W. Bush said that Trump should devote himself to “lead” and asserted that he prays for him, his family and the country to take “the investiture of leader, which has not yet done.”

Married to a Mexican, Bush said he does not support the bill of two Republican senators, Tom Cotton and David Perdue, blessed by Trump, to halve legal immigration in the United States, because he said it covers only a part Of the migratory issue and does not address it fully.

He said that more than a numerical issue, it would be “more help” for the country to establish an immigration system based on the merits of people who want to live and work in the United States.

In his view, the United States must “make the most of” the “merits” of people who want to enter the country for economic reasons as do countries like Australia.

Bush also defended the idea of ​​not separating families of immigrants when there are members who are citizens and others who are not.

Regarding the DACA (Deferred Action program for young children), which is threatened by a group of prosecutors seeking to dismantle it, he said that the matter should be addressed by the “appropriate channel”, which in his view is the Congress.

It is there that Republicans and Democrats must reach consensus on people who in most cases do not have “connections” with the country of origin, he said.

Bush, who speaks Spanish, did not give so much importance to the fact that the proposal asks immigrants who are given residence and work permits to speak English, because he thought that the first ones interested in learning and speaking will be them.

Instead he stressed that the important thing is that “share the values” of the United States “come from wherever they come”.

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