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Congressman with transsexual son rejects Trump not wanting them in militia

Florida congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who has a transsexual son, lamented President Donald Trump’s announcement today not to allow those who change gender to serve in the country’s Armed Forces.

“No American, regardless of her sexual orientation or gender identity, should be barred from the honor and privilege of serving our nation,” the Republican said in her Twitter account.

Without specifying when it will take effect, Trump announced this ban on Wednesday, thus reversing the opening ordered in 2016 by the Obama administration.

Last February Trump also overturned a rule proclaimed by Obama, which allowed transsexual students to use the bathrooms and changing rooms of their choice according to the genre with which they identify.

The fact was considered at that moment as “an error” by the son of the congresswoman, Rodrigo Lehtinen, 30 years old and that small was Amanda.

“If you are gay or transgender, whether or not you have discrimination protection depends on your zip code, that really underscores the need for a federal law,” said Rodrigo Lehtinen on that occasion.

President Trump made the announcement today through his personal Twitter account.

He said that after consulting with his “generals and military experts”, his government “will not accept or allow” transgender individuals to “serve in any capacity” in the US Armed Forces.

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