Trump calls on its repeal of the Obamacare party and create another health plan from scratch

President Donald Trump today called on Republicans to “simply repeal” health care reform promulgated by his predecessor, Barack Obama, and working from scratch on another plan, following the blockade created in the conservative ranks, unable to agree on an alternative proposal .

“The Democrats will join!” Trump said through his personal Twitter account.

This message took minutes after being known that the opposition of some senators of its own party did break up the umpteenth republican sanitary proposal to repeal and to replace Obamacare.

Senators who announced Monday their opposition to the proposal of son Mike Lee and Jerry Moran, who joined Susan Collins and Rand Paul like the four Republicans who have turned their backs on the text.

With the opposition of these four Republicans and the union of the 48 Democratic senators in the repeal of Obamacare, votes favorable to the new proposal were below the 50 necessary to approve it.

Truncation has been frustrated for months with Congress, which, despite its attempts and the Republican majority in both chambers, has failed to repeal and replace Obama’s health care reform, one of the tycoons’ great electoral promises.

According to studies by the Congressional Non-Party Budget Office (CBO), between 22 and 24 million people lost their health coverage in the next ten years with conservative proposals. EFE


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